Sensory Art Online in Hospitals

I have been running online sensory arts sessions for Great Ormond Street Hospital Play Team during the Summer and Christmas Holidays 2020. For St. George’s Hospital I have been running weekly painting sessions since September 2020. Either the hospitals prepare the materials or I deliver material packs to them in advance. These are an example of the initial material packs for the summer sessions:

I have the same material packs at home so we all explore the same materials together. The children are in individual rooms and have an adult helper (either a parent or member of the play team) during the sessions. This sessions focus on touch and material exploration through the online medium. Here are some examples of online sessions from Summer 2020:

Zoom – We played a game of zooming materials up to the camera and away and guessing what they were. We looked at pictures from the book Zoom by Istvan Banyai. And we made fish lenses out of different materials so the world changed colour and shape.

Colours – We experimented with colour mixing to find our favourite colours – the colours that made us feel ‘I LOVE that colour!’. We played a game trying to mix each other’s colours. We made our favourite colours into paintings.

Dragons – we looked at all sorts of dragons in the book Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris. We drew and painted dragon wings. We made dragon fire using cups.

Imaginary Worlds – we made imaginary worlds in cardboard boxes – whatever the child wanted in their imaginary world would be in it. For example… a world of strawberries. A world of mushrooms. A world of slides or bridges. They chose the colours, shapes, everything in the world. For inspiration we looked at pictures of imaginary worlds in a book by Colin Thompson.