Under the Sea!

Under the Sea was a week of wacky and wonderful sea creatures. We were inspired by Yuval Zommer’s Big Book of Blue (Years 1-2 and Years 3-4) along with The Secret of Black Rock and the sea creatures in Myth Match (Years 3-4). 

These were the stages to our work: 

  1. We looked in detail at The Big Book of Blue. We learnt many things, including: Flying Fish fly for 45 seconds…Pufferfish are the second most deadly animal in the world (can you guess the first?)…Anglerfish have light bulbs having from their heads to lure victims into their traps!
  2. We played a game of mixed-up sea animals and, from these, got ideas for our Under the Sea puppets. 
  3. Out of shoe boxes and many other materials including paint we created sea worlds for our puppets. 
  4. We talked about and smelt our favourite smells and our least favourite smells, and imagined what it smelt like in the sea world. Some of the smells we came up with / brought in: a fish oil capsule; a benecol bottle with vinegar in it; lavender oil; flowery soap; chocolate milk; bubblegum; candy floss… 
  5. We wrote up the beginnings of our stories.
  6. We brainstormed ideas for what could happen Under the Sea… we came up with: tidal waves…darkness descending…evil vampire squids…arguments between sea creatures…sea creatures stealing each other’s jewels…
  7. We played a simile game about the problems of the sea creatures.
  8. In the Years 3-4 class we used the Sea World shower curtain as a backdrop to do some acting against with the puppets, imagining the problems that could happen in the sea worlds.
  9. We wrote up the middles of our stories.

Here are some samples of the art and writing from the week!





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