Touring Toys: Magical Toyshops

It’s been a great week of ‘Touring Toys’ which I’ve now renamed ‘Touring Toys: Magical Toyshops’ due to the content of our stories as they evolved…

We started out by looking at some older toys from the 1985 Encyclopaedia of Toys! From this, and from a game of mixed-up toy consequences, along with discussions about our favourite / least favourite toys, we came up with some new toys and made puppets of them. We started filling in our puppet passports…

We then started thinking about where our toys would live and toyshops in general. We watched the trailer to Mr Magorian’s Wonder Emporium and brainstormed the different sections that toyshops could have:

We started to plan our own toyshop. We divided up a huge piece of communal paper into different rooms in the toyshop and all students worked on all the rooms, taking turns to go in different areas. We listened to music about toys coming to life and we painted, and as we painted we talked about the toyshop and what was happening in it. Here are some photos of the in-progress magical toyshops…

IMG_6582-1 (dragged)

IMG_6587 2

We imagined what it would smell like in the toyshop, and played a game of smell tests…

We then wrote a description of the toyshop using sounds and smells, so that the reader could really imagine they were there. This would be the introduction to our stories. Here are a couple of examples:

Finally, we started to plan the problem / exciting middle part of our stories, thinking about how our puppets would be involved in them. 

The Years 1-2 class planned a burglar story with thieves coming in to steal the toys. The burglars went on a long journey in the toyshop and we acted out what they did in each room. We then drew the actions of the burglars onto the painted toyshop (such as stealing all the toys in the Scented Toys Room / posing in front of mirrors) in between writing sessions. Some of the stories ended up with the burglars escaping, some with them being captured.

The Years 3-4 class planned two different stories: one involving a pod crash over the Sea of Imagination (the sea which connects the different rooms of the toy world) involving a muscular lifeguard running off to the Fire Room, and another the ‘Sweet of Neverendia’ involving a quest through the Water Room and a trek through the desert bordering the Sweets Room. We drew the two storylines onto the painted toyshop in between writing sessions. 

Here are some samples of writing from the middle of the stories:

And here are the final group artworks:




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