Choose Your Own Adventure Stories, November-December 2017

This half of term term we have been looking at quests where the reader gets to choose their own adventure (the stories have multiple endings based on choices the reader makes throughout the stories). 

For inspiration, we read a wide range of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ (CYOA) stories across the classes, as well as quest stories. Stories that we read include The Super Happy Magic Forest, Matty Long (all ages); Quest, Aaron Becker (all ages); the iHero books (9 years +); Meanwhile, Jason Shiga (all ages); Your Very Own Robot (R A Montgomery) (6-8 year olds). We also watched some short animated films on the theme of quests and learning: First Flight / Adventures Are The Pits and Soar. We talked a lot about what characters learn in the different stories. 

Alongside the reading, we started writing a very short practice ‘choose your own adventure’ story on cards, either based on the films or the books we had been reading.

We chose places where we wanted to base our own CYOA story, collecting pictures from magazines / newspaper cuttings / real life photographs, etc. We then made artwork of our story worlds in different styles of papier mache boxes, imagining ourselves jumping into them and what we could see / taste / hear / smell / touch in those worlds. We started our longer stories last week, which will be finished over Christmas at home. Here are some of the lovely results: