Beautiful Underground Worlds, 23-25 August 2017

It’s the end of my summer classes for another year! In the final week we were Under the Ground! These were the stages to our work:

1. Read and discuss The Street Beneath My Feet by Yuval Zommer
2. Make collaborative murals of underground worlds and start on our individual worlds
Gather things from home that could fit into our worlds
4. Read and discuss The Something by Rebecca Cobb and pictures of huge pits, holes etc.
5. Write personification poetry imagining we ARE the worlds 
6 Write stories for our worlds

Lovely work from Fantastical Creatures! 9-11 August 2017

Just had an amazing 3 days doing art and creative writing with the theme of Fantastical Creatures. Here is a snapshot of the lovely work below. Our 3 stages were:

  1. Create our fantastical creatures and their home, the “Wonder Garden” (inspired by Jenny Broom)
  2. Write simile poems for our creatures 
  3. Create word maps for the garden and write stories